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Localization: more important in 2015 than ever before

Importance of localization

Worldwide game industry revenue is projected to hit the $100 billion mark some time in 2018...

Latin American and Asian Pacific markets already account for $48 billion combined, and are growing 11% year on year...

So how do YOU reach these emerging markets? By localizing your games as effectively as possible. LocalizeDirect can help with all aspects of this process.

Assigning multiple languages to your game from day one doesn’t have to be hard work

LocalizeDirect can help you reach a potential global audience of millions – whether you need translation services, an optimized App Store page, or a system that makes localization a seamless part of your game’s development (instead of an added chore at the end).

Our multi-service platform lets you focus on creating awesome games for your customers. And with your game fully localized, you’ll reach more customers in more countries than ever before.

Importance of localization


Ready to take your game global, faster?
Here’s how we can help you:


Generate more downloads in the App Store with a professional-looking listing. Translate your listing into different languages to reach more customers. Get expert tips, request feedback from friends and colleagues before submission, and preview your page in real-time.

Create an awesome App Store page


The LocDirect Enterprise platform makes localization easier than ever. Collaboration between dev teams and translators is simplified, you can shorten your time-to-market period and sim-ship in multiple languages. No more waiting around for translations, and no more manual importing/exporting. We’ll give you the tools to make localization a unified part of your development process.

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Translation Services

If you just need to translate your game text into one or more different languages, we have extensive experience of games translation. With specialized translators across all native languages, we can find you the perfect partner for your game.

Find out more about expert game translation


Managing localization during development streamlines the entire process. Our unique CMS lets your dev team easily add, edit and sync strings in multiple languages, so translation is faster, cheaper and more reliable. Your global market is waiting for you!

Manage your localization with stringHub

Who we work with

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About LocalizeDirect

Founded in 2009 by CEO Christoffer Nilsson and CTO Mattias Wennerholm, LocalizeDirect offers quality solutions for more efficient game and app localization.

We’re dedicated to helping developers reach more global customers by localizing their games into multiple languages. Our products have received industry recognition and are used by an increasing number of development teams worldwide.

Since launching our first product LocDirect, a CMS for localization assets, we now offer a full suite of tools designed to help with all aspects of the localization process


Which service is right for me?

These questions are designed to help you decide which of our services will help you meet your localization needs.

If you’re still not sure which service is best for you, contact us and we’ll be happy to advise.

Q: Are you a team of developers who want to market your game in different languages?

A: Use StringHub, a simple, free tool for managing localization in a user- friendly CMS.

Start localizing with stringhub – it’s FREE!

Q: Are you a large team of developers or do you need products localizing regularly?

A: Our LocDirect Enterprise service brings localization into your development from day one, for a more streamlined process and faster sim-shipping.

See how to streamline your localization

Q: Do you want to translate existing game text or marketing materials into another language?

A: Try our Translation Services. Our professional translators love working with games and are experienced in delivering quality work.

Find out about expert game translation

Q: Have you developed an iPhone app or game? Do you want to get more downloads in the App Store?

A: You need StoreFront – the free tool for creating and optimizing your App Store page and description.

Create an awesome app store page – FREE!


If you have any questions about our services, or want to get in touch with us, just email or call +46 (0)42 181962.

We’re always happy to help out!

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LocalizeDirect is based in Helsingborg, Sweden and is a member of the Swedish Games Industry organization Dataspelsbraschen

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