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Translate your game and increase revenue. Use our translation service to localize your game. Our professional translators will help you reach more gamers, increase downloads and get higher reviews.

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Maximize downloads in the App Store – optimize your app with our real time app preview tool. Get reviews, tips and feedback for the perfect App Store listing. Want to reach more users? Translate your app description.

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Make localization easy by using a game localization tool like LocDirect. With our localization tool, game translation is performed during development. Localize your game into multiple languages, simship worldwide and shorten time-to market.

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Localization: more important in 2015 than ever before

Importance of localization

Worldwide game industry revenue is projected to hit the $100 billion mark some time in 2018...

Latin American and Asian Pacific markets already account for $48 billion combined, and are growing 11% year on year...

So how do YOU reach these emerging markets? By localizing your games as effectively as possible. LocalizeDirect can help with all aspects of this process.

Assigning multiple languages to your game from day one doesn’t have to be hard work

LocalizeDirect can help you reach a potential global audience of millions – whether you need translation services, an optimized App Store page, or a system that makes localization a seamless part of your game’s development (instead of an added chore at the end).

Our multi-service platform lets you focus on creating awesome games for your customers. And with your game fully localized, you’ll reach more customers in more countries than ever before.

Importance of localization

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