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with LocDirect

LocDirect is a framework for implementing a top-quality localization pipeline into your game in a fraction of the time, whether you're an expert game developer or just getting started.

Got content to translate?

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1. Prepare

By using LocDirect your game will be ready for localization. Invite your team, import any existing strings and configure the localization data pipeline to your game.

2. Create

Allow all team members to contribute by adding and editing strings via LocDirect's built-in editor. Add any number of custom data and review string changes directly in-game.

3. Translate

Manage the translation process with LocDirect using your choice of translation provider. LocDirect will track dependencies and keep status of what needs to be translated.

4. Ship

Reach and delight your audience with content in their native language. Maximize your revenue and retention. Use LocDirect for easy patch and upgrade management.

Made for Game Developers

By game developers. LocDirect is tailor-made to help manage the localization process within games. It will help you avoid pitfalls and problems caused by localization and will allow you to focus on making a great game.

Open and Flexible

LocDirect is used for everything from small one-man game projects to large multiplatform games. You are not tied down to any specific translation service and all your data is available to you to download in multiple formats.


Easy access to all your strings. Use LocDirect's browser-based editor to create and edit your in-game strings. The editor has great features for game developers such as the possibility to add and edit additional data fields as well as managing dialogues.

Version Control

Each string is individually version controlled providing full item history and rollback option. LocDirect tracks dependencies and keeps status of what needs to be translated.

Open API

Our REST API gives you unlimited flexibility and power to integrate LocDirect with your existing tool and build chain or use it to enhance LocDirect's features with your own solutions.

Cloud solution

Your strings are securely stored on our servers allowing you easy access via a browser. No software install is needed to edit or add strings so it's easy for your team and partners to get down to work.


Gives direct access to your designers and script writers allowing them to easily add new content. Bring in your localization QA team to review and correct strings.


LocDirect allows you to organize and structure your strings in folders making it easy to navigate both small and large projects. By storing your string in LocDirect you separate your strings from the code preparing for painless localization.

For games on all platforms