Game and app developers: It’s time to take the pain out of localization

LocDirect lets you streamline your localization process, making it shorter and simpler. So now you can get on with doing what you do best.

  • Sim-ship worldwide and reduce product-to-market times
  • Translate in multiple languages during development, not after
  • Collaborate easily – work with developer and translation teams inside the same platform

If localization is slowing down your game’s development, take back control with LocDirect.

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We designed the LocDirect platform to make developers’ lives easier. So now you can collaborate easily with your dev team and translators, shorten your time-to-market period, and sim-ship in multiple languages.

We're proud to have helped 300+ top game developers to expand into international markets

What if localization was a seamless part of your game’s development, instead of being done in batches at the end?

LocDirect puts you back in control of localization by bringing it into your development process.

You can easily manage text translation and localization, and assign multiple languages to your project – right from the beginning.

That means no more waiting around for translations before your product hits the market. No more manually importing and exporting each translation. And your QA team can correct errors as they find them, without disturbing the dev team.

So with LocDirect you can reach global markets faster, with less effort. It’s localization as it should be.

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Go global in less time

Sim-ship in multiple languages and increase your game’s audience

per string version control

Take control of localization during development

Version control per-string, not per-file = faster and easier translation

improved collaboration

Improved collaboration between translators and dev teams

Create and edit strings inside the platform and share with your team

What some of our customers say about LocDirect:

“Having LocDirect integrated to our UnrealEngine pipeline has proven to be an effective solution to manage and keep track of our strings.”

Associate Producer - Yager Development GmbH

“Localisation is an important part of the videogame development process and we want to ensure that we have the best possible tools to do this. LocalizeDirect has these tools”

Senior VP-Production, SEGA Europe & Sega America

“LocalizeDirect has completely taken the pain out of the localization process for us, allowing us to change strings at source, have them rapidly updated and then pulled into our build process. No more weighty, broken spreadsheets!”

Head of Virtual Worlds - nDreams

Sim-ship in multiple languages and increase your global sales

As game developers, we know localization can be tricky. But done right, it can transform your business.

Here’s how LocDirect helps that happen for you:

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Version control of each string lets you start translating earlier, giving you more flexibility and reducing translation costs.

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Our built-in scripting language allows you to create custom exports in your existing formats. No manual import/export needed.

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Standardize your loc process and create an effective pipeline to manage all your projects. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

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See text changes in-game – cut out the guesswork and update translations even in runtime for greater accuracy.

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LocDirect is a customizable tool, to be used your way. Track changes, share strings and increase the quality of your translations.

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As 20+ year game industry veterans who also run a translation service, you’re benefitting from proven expertise at each step of the process.

The LocalizeDirect translation delivery system is incredible - it's a huge leap forward in localization.”

Patrick O'Luanaigh – nDreams

Take your game global, faster.

Say goodbye to project delays and weighty, troublesome spreadsheets. Get more streamlined localization of games and apps with LocDirect.

  • Manage translations during development, not after
  • Platform built by developers, used by developers
  • Flexible contracts to suit all business sizes

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We're incredibly happy with LocalizeDirect. Localization has never been so easy to manage.”

Ole Teglbjærg, Co-founder – Press Play

LocalizeDirect have removed all the pain of localisation, allowing us to focus on other key areas.”