Hohohoho. Jingle bells wherever you go, in every street and store. Overstressed people buying stuff and desperately looking for Christmas gifts. To stand out from the noise, you’ll need to prepare your app for the Christmas Holidays.

Having a Christmas friendly mobile app in app stores might actually increase your app’s downloads. Dress up your mobile app in Christmas clothing; put on Santa’s hat, hang some Christmas ornaments and sprinkle with mistletoe. It’s time to prepare your mobile app for the Christmas Holidays!

Plan ahead for your mobile app and take this opportunity to find new markets with app localization. No need to localize the entire app, but your app description is a great start.

Last year’s Holiday Season was the biggest ever in the history of App Store. Customers spent over $1.1 billion on apps and in-app purchases during two weeks, starting just before Christmas, and ending January 3.

New Year’s day was the biggest day in App Store history with more than $144 million spent during the 24 hours. The most popular genres were: Gaming, Social Networking and Entertainment.

Prepare app for Christmas

Christmas Holidays are prime time for new gifts such as mobile devices.

January is the month when downloads and user engagement peak. This is a great opportunity for you to find new users.

1. Images

Personalize your images with snowflakes or things that get people in the Holiday mood. Holiday themes are an effective way for you to increase engagement.

As well as cosmetic App Store changes, you should consider releasing a Christmas theme. This way you’ll attract not only new potential app customers, but you’ll also engage current mobile app users with new challenges.

New images and features will not only boost downloads and get more people to buy gift cards; Apple usually promote apps with new features. Increase your chances of being promoted.

localize app christmas hero

2. Pricing

Offer a Holiday deal. Make sure your offer is attractive enough for the customer but still meets your required average revenue per user. A discount might lead to more app downloads and that’s great for your future ASO.

Use ads. Take this opportunity to increase revenue during this peak period, and integrate ads into your mobile app development. Test your ads to make sure you’re having the best option. Not a cosmetic change but something that should certainly be considered for FTP titles.

3. Support

You can’t offer a special Holiday deal with new images and then go skiing. Customer support is more important than ever during the Holidays.

There will be mobile devices in socks and under Christmas trees for millions of people around the world. If they choose to try your app on their new smartphone or device, then you better make sure your app is working, and if needed - support needs to be available. Otherwise you might risk finding bad app reviews when returning from your vacation.

4. Localize

It’s not only your app description that needs to be localized. Images and customized ads need to be considered. We celebrate the Holidays differently around the globe, so make sure you target your customers and potential customers properly. This way your app will look relevant and the chances of your app being downloaded will increase.

A merry merry Christmas to you from all of us at LocalizeDirect!