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We believe your game deserves high quality game translations. We'll manage the translation and control your game translation needs, so when you receive your text files within the agreed timeframe, just integrate the translations straight into your game.

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We want to make game localization simpler, so we developed game localization tools. Global enterprises and game developers worldwide have been using our localization tools for years to help streamline their game asset pipelines.

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We want players around the world to feel that they are playing your game in the source language. To get the context right, we will ask you questions, simply because we believe that your game should be amazing in every language.

We’ve been using LocDirect for over 5 years and never felt the need to look elsewhere. It’s been a vital part of our development tools and we’d highly recommend Localize Direct to any developer!”
pixelbiteMattias Olsson, Pixelbite
Localize Direct has been an amazing partner as they’ve taken the burden of localisation and made it a simple, one tool process. It’s now a streamlined approach which lets us localise more text on more occasions with minimum effort. I would highly recommend their services!”

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