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We’ve been localizing games and apps for over 20 years and have established a large, reliable network of expert translators. Context is everything – so we only employ keen gamers who will love translating your game into their native tongue.

We keep quality high and turnaround fast – and we offer translations into over 30 different languages.

Translation Prices

LanguagePrice per word
Arabic€ 0.11
Bulgarian€ 0.14
Chinese (Simplified)€ 0.12
Chinese (Traditional)€ 0.12
Croatian€ 0.13
Czech€ 0.12
Danish€ 0.15
Dutch€ 0.15
Estonian€ 0.13
Finnish€ 0.15
French€ 0.11
French (Canadian)€ 0.11
German€ 0.11
Greek€ 0.11
Hebrew€ 0.14
Hindi€ 0.11
Hungarian€ 0.12
Indonesian€ 0.11
Italian€ 0.11
Japanese€ 0.13
Korean€ 0.12
Latvian€ 0.13
Lithuanian€ 0.13
Malay€ 0.11
Norwegian€ 0.15
Polish€ 0.11
Portuguese€ 0.11
Portuguese (Brazilian)€ 0.11
Romanian€ 0.12
Russian€ 0.11
Slovak€ 0.14
Spanish€ 0.11
Spanish (LatinAmerican)€ 0.11
Swedish€ 0.15
Tagalog€ 0.11
Thai€ 0.11
Turkish€ 0.13
Ukrainian€ 0.11
Vietnamese€ 0.11

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Payment Method
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Minimum order fee
€ 40
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