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Taking your game global is easier than ever with our self-service localization platform

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Specialized game translators

All translations are handled by our team of specialist translators.

Great development needs professional native translators.

We developed a translation platform to make your translation process easier:

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We've developed a self-service platform to cover your translation needs

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The localization process used to be complicated:

Old translation workflow

Instead of localization being a time-consuming process for game and app developers, there’s now a fast, easy way to bring your game to the global market.

We’ve made it as simple as this:

Easy game & app translation workflow

With our translation tool you can calculate the worldwide reach of your app, get an instant quote for your chosen languages and order your app translations – all in one place.

  • Drag & drop to upload your content
  • Select markets and languages to translate into
  • Get an instant quote and place your order
  • Receive your app translations

No Hidden Costs

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