Tips for your Chinese Game Localization during Singles Day

Don't Ignore Singles Day

Many people in China are fascinated by lucky numbers. 11.11 (or November 11) is known as Singles Day. This Day has become the largest shopping day in the world.

In 2016, consumers spent $3.34 billion on Black Friday, which sounds like a lot. However, $17.8 billion was spent on Singles Day in China.

Why should you, working in the Game industry, care? You've localized your Game, or part of it, into Simplified Chinese. Now it is a great opportunity for you to increase downloads during 11.11 and the days after. Show the market that you're aware of mainland Chinese traditions - offer a discount, or a gift, and advertise 11.11.

If a gamer register or log in on 11.11, an extra life or something similar is a great gift.

Singles day

Tips when offering gifts and discounts on the Chinese app and game market:

  • Make the process very simple. If the gamers need to make several steps before receiving the gift, the risk of losing interest is high.
  • A general rule is that the discount has to be 50 % to attract Chinese gamers.
  • Many Chinese Gamers like other lucky numbers like "88", "99", "66", "1314" and "520".


Don't forget your ASO! Keywords to use are: "Black Friday", "Single Day", "Free". "11.11" - or in Chinese: 双十一”,“双11”; “购物狂欢节”, "光棍节".

Chinese Game Localization

Read this blog post, and get useful tips on what to keep in mind when building a Chinese web presence.

Contact if you want more help with game localization, or if you have any questions regarding the Chinese Game market.

PS If you want to have an animal in your ad, then it has to be a dog. Dragons for instance are used in the Dragon Boat Festival in May, and rabbits have their own festival. And don't use cats, especially not black ones. /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\