The Western game market growth might have slowed down a bit, but Eastwards the market is accelerating. India is one of these fast growing game markets. We dig deeper into this fast growing opportunity.

Why localize your game for the Indian market?

India is a huge market, full of young people. The country houses 1.3 billion citizens. ⅔ of them are under 35 years old, and many of them extremely interested in technology. The mobile evolution is one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the world, and the data prices cheapest in the world. Cell phones have made games more accessible, and more importantly: acceptable.

Games that do well in India

With low PC penetration and almost no experience of video games, India jumped right into mobile gaming. Generally, PC games were developed for male teenagers, and restrictions in PC homes stopped youngsters spending more time playing games. With 200 million mobile users, a broader market with young girls and boys, and even seniors, was born. Moms are playing mobile games and they influence their children to do the same. There is a great will to buy smartphones, so mobile Android games and apps are key. Top genres are action, strategy, casino, puzzle and RPG.

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The mobile game market in India

Historically the growth in India has been slow. The Indian game market is just beginning to take off, but there’s still a long way to go. The space for growth is huge, and India has the ability to become an important game market.

Phone users are about to upgrade to a smartphone, and estimations show that the 181 million people mobile player base, will more than double in 2018. India is the fastest growing smartphone market, and 3G is estimated to grow 62% annually.

India welcome foreign games. The majority of top downloads are from foreign publishers. There are only a few domestic publishers in India. This makes the Indian market a perfect match for your game or app.

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Make sure to have a free to play version of your app or game. You could also include ads in the app to increase short term revenue. Eventually you will be able to release and create revenue from a paid app in India. In the largest cities, users are willing to pay when downloading a game or app, but in rural areas this is not possible yet. Only 2% of people in India own a credit card. Factors such as bad or low internet connection speeds are affecting the user experience. Keep this in mind when launching an app in India: remove heavy graphics and make the game or app functional to try to combat poor internet speed.

In India, social proof and word of mouth is the secret to increasing downloads. Make sure your app or game is social media friendly.

Should you localize your game for India?

The Indian market is huge, full of young people eager to get to know the game market and learn more about game development. Even though paid apps and games are few in number, the segment will grow. Remember: India’s such a large country, so even if it is just a small number paying for apps, the total revenue can be huge.

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Get your share of the Indian market now, because once monetisation starts, you want to be a part of it.

"Indian" isn’t the language to translate into though. Hindi is the largest language in India followed by Urdu, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil and others. Do you want to know what it would cost you to localize your game to fit the Indian market? Ask us! Send us an email, and get a free quote.